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The first question we get asked by people is “Why start an olive oil store?”

It all started when our co-founder, Alex, worked at a small olive oil store in upstate New York. The job was just some extra cash on the side - but what astounded Alex was the passion people exhibited for the products in the store. With his curiosity piqued, Alex started to delve into research into what exactly got people so excited about olive oil and balsamic vinegar...

Meanwhile, after serving in the Army, our other co-founder and Alex's daughter, Amanda, was ready for something different. Amanda heard of Alex’s findings, and it struck a chord – so they decided to make it their mission to bring Manassas high quality olive oil and vinegar.

Olive oil has always held a special place in the world and has been produced by mankind since just about the dawn of civilization; so what’s changed all of a sudden? A recent study by UC Davis found most olive oil bought from your average grocery store does not meet the criteria to be qualified as extra virgin - even if the label says so! These oils are often made from old olives, or even mixed with lower grade oils. As for that “balsamic vinegar” you’ve been buying? Not even close to the real thing! In a time when everyone is becoming increasingly aware of where their food comes from, Manassas Olive Oil Company wants to introduce you to the chemistry, flavor, and health benefits of true extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars.

We have pledged to work closely with olive oil and vinegar producers to ensure you are only buying some of the best olive oil and vinegar available. When it comes to olive oil – fresher is always better. We can track each bottle from the farm it came from - which means we know when the olive was harvested, crushed, and shipped to us to ensure you are getting the healthiest and tastiest products. We have relationships with groves and orchards from both hemispheres of the globe and bottle our products daily in order to bring you the freshest olive oil and vinegars year round.

But you don’t have to take our word for it… visit us and let your taste buds be the judge! There are over 40 olive oils and vinegars available for try! And don’t be shy - we encourage our guests to taste whatever sparks their interest to ensure they can find their favorites. We will also be happy to introduce you to the science behind good olive oil and vinegar, its health benefits, and give you recipes for its use. So stop on by Manassas Olive Oil Company and see for yourself!

The Manassas Olive Oil Company was founded in 2014 by two military veterans and is locally owned and operated.

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